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From time to time we may ask you to pay for a one-off item. All of our subscription and event payments are made through the My.Scout system by Direct Debit, but certain other items such as our 'investiture fee' and replacement neckerchieves need to be purchased manually.

  • Investiture fee - £5.00 (includes initial necker, woggle and joining badges)
  • T shirt - £10.00 - this is the T shirt that the group uses on informal occasions when we'd rather keep our uniforms clean and tidy
  • Replacement neckerchief - £5.00
  • Replacement woggle - £1.00 for Beavers/Cubs, £2 for Scouts/adults
  • Replacement badges - £1.50 each (please specify the lost or damaged badge)

Please use the following drop down to purchase the item that is needed.


* Payment Type:

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